Monterey, CA

©jon horvath


Subterranean in Suburbia

©jon horvath

From now until the end of March, I'll have an image on display in a group exhibition, Suburbia, at The IHC Platform Gallery at The University of California Santa Barbara. The image is part of my Subterranean series, which investigates the relationship between basement spaces and personal histories. The photograph will be exhibited in the gallery until March 28th and then become part of Platform's permanent online archive.

If you happen to be in the area on March 2nd, Professor Colin Gardner will be giving a talk about the exhibition. I won't be there, but if you are, let me know how it went!



© jon horvath and annushka peck

Here are a few screen capture and installation shots from a collaborative video installation, NarrativEventually, I recently completed with Annushka Peck. After much technological tomfoolery, we were able to show the piece for the first time at The Nut Factory in Milwaukee this past weekend. A quick synopsis: Annushka and I filmed ourselves engaged in a Duel of Futility (as we like to refer to it). While standing at a train stop in Antioch, Illinois, we competed in a version of the alphabet game, which we have since been informed was done "barrel of monkeys" style. For every word each of us offered, the other had to respond with a word that began with the last letter of the previous...follow? And we allowed ourselves to draw from any word in the English language. We like to think that, in theory, this is a duel that could not be won, and must continue on perpetually.

For the installation, we wanted to accomplish a space of multiple loops, creating the sensation that we were in an inescapable visual cycle that could also continue on perpetually. To do so, we set up two television monitors with our individual video feeds being displayed into the webcam feed on a pair of laptops. Those feeds were then projected onto opposing walls in the gallery space, recreating the visual of our alphabetical duel. The webcams also picked up the projections, as well as the movements of viewers in the space, creating a rather disorientating effect. Sound convoluted??? Exactly.


Nut Factory 7

This Saturday night (Feb. 12) Annushka Peck and I will be exhibiting a new collaborative video piece at the Nut Factory in Milwaukee (3720 N. Fratney St). Annushka's studio mate, Leah Schreiber, will also be displaying some new drawings. Come on out!