EYECANDY: The Print Center Annual Auction

©jon horvath

From now until December 4th, you can bid on a 16 x 20 print of Morro Bay, CA at the official Eyecandy website. And if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area on the 4th, you can attend the auction in person! All proceeds support The Print Center.


Abstract Food Rituals #2 & #3

© jon horvath

This Friday night (Nov. 12, 7-9pm) I will have two pieces exhibited in Carousel: The Fourth Annual Milwaukee Invitational Slideshow, at Woodland Pattern Bookstore in Milwaukee, WI. The first will be Abstract Food Ritual #2: Through the Teeth (Alphabetical), (above left) wherein I squeeze 26 different foods through the gaps in my teeth. Additionally, I will be exhibiting Abstract Food Ritual #3: Dips, (above right: Raspberry Jam) which will incorporate a projection through 35mm slides dipped in a variety of food substances.

Other exhibiting artists include Emily Litgens, Stephanie Hutin & Florencio Zavala, Patrick Wodsinski, Ken Wood, Annushka Peck & Julia Swanson, Renato Umali, and Matthew Rethaber. Should be fun!